dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009

Hiii !
I'm Gemma.
This is my diary about this week.
On Monday: I sound the alarm at 7:45 to go to class, I usually walk to school.
At 8:30 the bell rings and we enter into all the classrooms.
The first 3 hours of the morning are very aburrides but that the bell rings at 11.30 and is something else, we can leave out of school for breakfast.
At 12 comes back and we have 2 hours until the afternoon. After 2 we are going to head home for lunch and 3:30 to return to class until 5:30.
Once in class at school and leave the bag I was a time with my friends to disconnect all day.
Later arrived home about 7:30 and I am getting to do class work.
After a while I connect to MSN and a dinner. If you do not do any good to series TV, I go to bed.

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