dissabte, 21 de febrer de 2009

Saturday: I get up at 11.30 to go to buy accessories from carnival and went to eat pancakes with a friends.
Arrived home at 14 and I have lunch.
At 16.30 I football bore my boyfriend.
At 5:30 I come to pick up and we will buy things for the night that we are needed.
In the 9 and I love going to dinner together, we do a pizza and watch TV for a while until the hour of walking.
We put the costume on Jesus and we are waiting on all the girls.
We are all friends and spend an evening together in celebration.
At the 6 arrived at home and men going to sleep very tired

PD: the costume is mechanical.

divendres, 20 de febrer de 2009

Friday: middle class at 8.40 so me asleep.
I have to pray first castella after Greek and then Latin.
in 1130 played the bell to go to breakfast and at 12 I entered again left alone 2am, one of Spanish literature and the past history.
After 2 to going home to lunch. At 4 I repas to 6. In the 6 finish when I was with friends all afternoon until 8 in which many leave football.
I have dinner and 1030 men going to a cafe bar with a friend until 24 and once
I watch a movie and sleep.

dijous, 19 de febrer de 2009

Today we have single class until the 13 so is a special celebration in Catalonia, called on "Thursday Jarde "
At 12h had Latin class and put us in a movie.
In the 13h Seals all friends in a chalet in a rustida meat.
Until 1530 no lunch because I had not made the embers.
Lunch and put the play3 and Jugan us outside with the dog.
Later we are going to beat around by car, passing by ACAVI afternoon.
When we got cleaned all the tables on me lunch and the 9 Seals all head home.
When I arrived the evening meal, I watch TV and sleep

dimecres, 18 de febrer de 2009

Wednesday: I sound the alarm at 7:45 to go to school.
At 14 the bell rings and we head home, today I have class in the afternoon.
4 to 6 have repas. when I finnish repas a while with my friends and my boyfriend until 9 that arrived at home.
When I already ate dinner around a while I was in the room to connect me to msn for a while and sleep.

dimarts, 17 de febrer de 2009

Tuesday: Tuesdays are the days of the month bored week. Is similar to Monday.
A 8.30 start and finish classes at 2, going to lunch until 3:30 that we had 2 hours of class.
When I go out to visit my grandparents.
when I arrive home I wear to class work and watch TV for a while and then to sleep.

dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009

Hiii !
I'm Gemma.
This is my diary about this week.
On Monday: I sound the alarm at 7:45 to go to class, I usually walk to school.
At 8:30 the bell rings and we enter into all the classrooms.
The first 3 hours of the morning are very aburrides but that the bell rings at 11.30 and is something else, we can leave out of school for breakfast.
At 12 comes back and we have 2 hours until the afternoon. After 2 we are going to head home for lunch and 3:30 to return to class until 5:30.
Once in class at school and leave the bag I was a time with my friends to disconnect all day.
Later arrived home about 7:30 and I am getting to do class work.
After a while I connect to MSN and a dinner. If you do not do any good to series TV, I go to bed.

dijous, 15 de gener de 2009


My name is Gemma. I live in Roquetes. I am 16 years old.

I have got a brother, his name is Marcel, he is 24 years old.
My father's job is driving a train and my mother is a civil servant in the local council.
I have a dog, his name is puxy.

I like going out with my friends, of course, and going to parties on saturday night.
I am studying batxillerat, when I'molder
I want to be a teacher of special child